As the sun creeps onto the summer morning sky of Inwood Hill Park, Alejandra Rodriguez, a sixteen-year-old Latina, races into the park in distress. Not a girl, and not yet a woman, Alejandra has a lot weighing on her shoulders. She has to look after her grandmother, Lourdes Sanchez, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This morning, after discovering Lourdes’ empty bed, Alejandra searches block by block and finally finds Lourdes in the park.

Damaged and broken
by those closest to them, three women cross paths in a park and
find solace in each other’s pain,
as an Alzheimer’s patient reminds them not to forget to live, for themselves.


"Medicine" by Sub Lights
Our cast and crew are made up entirely of women and people of color.

Meet the Team

Phyllis Yip

Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Editor, & Cinematographer


Sophia Tewa

Associate Producer & Cinematographer

Sophia also provided the voice for "Lily."

Josmar Taveras

Cinematographer & Steadicam Operator

Josmar also played "Hot Runner #2."


Johanna Martinez

Lead Actor as "Alejandra Rodriguez"

Not a girl, and not yet a woman, Alejandra has a lot weighing on her shoulders. She has to look after her grandmother, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, while her mother works to support the three of them.

Mimian Morales

Lead Actor as "Chelsea Klein"

After five-years of a committed relationship, Chelsea is on the verge of breaking up with her boyfriend. She finally realizes that their relationship has been slowly disintegrating over the years.

Hae Sung Shim

Lead Actor as "Kate Liu"

Dumping her lucrative job as lawyer in Boston, Kate moves to New York and becomes a public school teacher in a high school that serves mostly Latino students. Her goal is to stop every teenage Latina that crosses her path from getting pregnant.

Mayra Fernández

Lead Actor as "Lourdes Sanchez"

Lourdes is Alejandra’s grandmother. She recently has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Although she relies heavily on others to care for her, Lourdes is the wisdom that Alejandra, Chelsea, and Kate desperately need.

Brandon Smalls

Supporting Actor as "Jorge Fuentes"

Jorge is a friend of Alejandra. They have been friends since they were children.

Odethe Bennett

Supporting Actor as "Mimi Johnson"

Mimi has been friends with Kate and Chelsea for about two to three years. She wishes very much to have Chelsea’s “wonderful life” of a rich boyfriend to financially support her.

Franklyn Saul

Supporting Actor as "Teenage Boy"

Myn Carpenter

Supporting Actor as "Theo"

Nathaniel Gasque

Supporting Actor as "Nate"

Delphine Sevrain

Supporting Actor as "Lily"

Rachel Yip-Leung

Supporting Voice Actor as "Mrs. Liu"

Winter Parris

Supporting Actor as "Yoga Teacher"


Sarah Paulding

Supporting Voice Actor as "Yoga Teacher"

Jose Martinez

Supporting Actor as "Hot Runner #1"


Supporting Canine Actor as "Lucy, the Dog"


Supporting Canine Actor as "Dog in Cape"

Timeline of Completion

Rough Cut
Syncing ADR
Sound Mix
Digital Music
Color Corrections
Motion Graphics
Film Completed